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Csr2 stripping a f12 berlinetta for parts looking for stage 6 Turbo!

Csr2 , f12 berlinetta finally after 12 hours the berlinetta has arrived and I striped it for parts , always get random upgrade parts for striping a car for parts.
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Here is CSR2 Hack and csr2 stage 6 hack.

Hello guys and welcome back to another csr 2 video. In this one i’ll show you the best f12 berlinetta tune. Hope you enjoy, if you do pls like and subscribe!



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How to fit Fusion parts in Cars in CSR 2 game full video tutorial

Csr2 Bronze crate opening: epic fusion parts + rare stage6 upgrades

I opened some bronze crates and I got some epic fusions parts and super rare stage 6 upgrades

The GT3R is the coming season PC car. For people without a maxed GT3R, the stage 6 parts drop will be random. Unfortunately, not all stage 6 parts will have equal benefits to getting faster. This video demonstrates the differences you can see and how it can impact your ability to get through the Prestige Cup.

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Having a much needed garage clear out!

(Sorry about any background noise, building work always has to happen when i decide to stream haha)

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• Mods / Hacks in this APK
0.) Guaranteed Ban – Free of charge!
1.) Maxed HIGH Graphics Settings!
2.) Cancel Fusion For collecting fusion parts
3.) Live Race Works while banned
4.) 999999 everything
5.) Free Upgrades / Infinite Fuel
6.) Sell/Strip Any Car
7.) Crate Cars are Auto Stage 6
8.) Carshop Only Allows Test Drives
9.) Final Drive Low Value at 1.25(For LaF)
10.) Tire Reset = Max Acceleration(Some cars slower)
11.) Lose Results Disabled
12.) Can Bet More Than 200k in Live Races
12.) Instant Fusions On All Cars(Mod Only)
13.) Pink Car Thief
….. There’s probably more but I can’t remember lol.
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Upgrade and tune Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 for beat Shax’s time

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Does Stripping a car from the vehicle view or the garage view provide better fusion parts? According to the myth Stripping from the garage view will get you more stage 6 parts and epic parts. Let’s see if that’s true.

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