【CSR2】Rally Fighter, shift & tune for 8.315

【shift pattern】
perfect launch, 5500rpm 2nd + Nos, rest perfect shift
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Here is CSR2 Hack and csr2 rally fighter.

Tune and Shift Pattern for the Prestige Car of Season 63: LM (Local Motors) Rally Fighter.

Perfect Start, Switch in 2nd and NOS between 5500 and 6000 RPM, Perfect Shift in 3rd.

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This is the Tune for the Golden star Rally Fighter in CSR2.

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5 things i hate about the rally fighter. 5 things i love about the rally fighter. should you buy one. The rally fighter has been one of my dream cars for a long time but it has some draw backs. It also is amazing in a lot of ways so I thought I would share the details with you all.
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Upgrade and tune #Local Motors Rally Fighter and getting ready for Prestige Cup!
Full upgrade stage 5
And add all fusion parts available for Local Motors
Tune car and test time
#csr #csr2 #gamezone #upgradeandtune #prestigecup
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so watch the bronze crate.. wait for it to change items once, now wait for it to change items a second time, this is when you start counting down.

or you can look at it this way. when the 3rd item shows up in the bronze crate that is when you start your count down..

in the video i said wait for the second item and this is not correct… that is what i tried the first 3 times and it did not work.. so wait till you see the 3rd bronze crate item

i notice on the second pull where i did not get the car i think i did the countdown a bit fast..
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Pull, when you see 3rd item in bronze crate.

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Game played on Android OS


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Here is a part 1 video for the Rally Fighter. For a part 1 I have the rating of 520 +190. Hope you guys enjoy and if you have upgraded past what I have for this video, just don’t watch this one and wait for the Part 2. Please subscribe for more content!!!! Also comment down below what car I show make a setup video for!!
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Ok so this one is just a quick tune and shift. It’s right at dyno time, but will work for the cups. So I just perfect launch, then hit NOS middle way between 5-6 rpm. Then perfect shift. That’s it. So as always hope this helps, and if you have anything that works better please feel free to share.